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DJ GOTEK - Opening Set for Richard Durand 1-15-14
March 22, 2014 12:14 PM PDT
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Brand New!!! On Saturday, March 15, 2014, I was honored to be one of the opening DJ's at Foundation Nightclub in Seattle for USC's Progression Saturdays show featuring headliner, Dutch Trance superstar DJ/Producer, Richard Durand. I opened with a couple other good Seattle DJ buddies of mine, Zack Moss and Marc Pospisil a.k.a. MarQ, and it was also the closing party for the annual USC St. Patrick's Day rave "Lucky", so the crowd was off the hook and truly got way into the music which, of course, made it all the more pleasurable and memorable to be lucky enough to be behind the decks that night. Richard Durand was an incredibly humble and nice guy, and his set absolutely rocked in every way - huge fan here!!! Anyway, this is one of those sets where every track is a 10 and I was absolutely in love with each one, so it is one of my personal FAVE mixes so far. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did spinning it. Cheers! -Mark

DJ GOTEK Presents: Opening Set for Richard Durand, Foundation Nightclub, Seattle, 3-15-14
* Duration: 01:02:00:096
* BPM: 128
* Quality: 100% digitally recorded as WAV - mastered and converted to 320 Kbps, 48,000 Hz MP3 for download
* Tracklisting:

1. Marsh - Sleeping Now (Rodrigo Deem & amp, Vitodito Remix)
2. PROFF, Louder Dale - Traverse (Original Mix)
3. Blend, D05 - Starstrobe (Stereopole Remix)
4. Fon.Leman - Good Morning Sophie (Up Cent Remix)
5. Sequentia, Ferrin Morris - Niagara (Willem de Roo Remix)
6. Hanski, Jjoo - Premonition (LTN Remix)
7. Adam Szabo, Johan Vilborg, Johnny Norberg - Two To One (Matt Fax Vocal Mix)
8. Paul Thomas, Weekend Heroes - Morena (Original Mix)
9. Accendo - Ledra (Sunny Lax Remix)
10. Blend, Basstard Effect - Lodestar (Original Mix)
11. Ilan Bluestone - Spheres (Original Mix)
12. Johan Vilborg, Seven Palmberg - She Made Me Smile (Original Mix)

DJ Gotek - Opening set for PRYDA FRIENDS, Sept 28, 2013
October 07, 2013 10:21 AM PDT
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Brand new!!! I had the honor of being one of two opening DJ’s for the Seattle stop of the PRYDA FRIENDS North American Tour at USC’s Progression Saturdays, Foundation Nightclub, Saturday, September 28, 2013. Well first of all, Eric Prydz is a huge inspiration to me and his tracks are always front-and-center of the cutting edge progressive, techno, deep house, and other genres it crosses the boundaries into, and to be able to see two of his top protégés from his "Pryda Friends" label, Jeremy Olander and Fehr Play, spin a FOUR HOUR set in such an intimate setting as Foundation compared to huge festival settings these guys typically fill up, was like a dream come true. Because they wanted to spin a full four hours it meant that DJ Chronus (Chris Winebarger) and I only had 30 minutes each to kick things off, so I wanted to make my set as memorable as possible in the short time I had because I had a ton of friends that showed up to see my set which made it extra fun for me, but also I went off of my usual beaten path of Progressive to spin some sexy brand new Deep House beats, and managed to squeeze 8 tracks in there for a total of 38 minutes. I love every track on this set, and I did something that I don’t ordinarily do and that was to spin three tracks by the same artist, the entire new release by Meramek off the Anjunadeep label because they were all such kick-ass tracks and I couldn’t decide which one to use, so spun them all haha, and truly amazing tracks they are, plus Dusky, Jody Wisternoff, Beckwith, some of the biggest names in Deep House today. Anyway, it was a magical evening that I will never forget and the Pryda Friends boys lit up the house for four solid hours of some of the best music I have probably ever heard, much of which probably won’t be released for a year or more – what a night it was… Hope you enjoy! –Mark

DJ GOTEK presents: Opening set for Pryda Friends, Sept 28, 2013
* Duration: 00:38:30:600
* BPM: Start 122 / End 123
* Quality: Recorded as WAV - mastered and converted to 320 Kbps, 48,000 Hz MP3 for download
* Tracklisting:

1. Jody Wisternoff - 95 (Original Mix)
2. Beckwith - Townsend Sling (Original Mix)
3. Meramek - Feeling (Original Mix)
4. Meramek - Maybe (Original Mix)
5. Meramek - FWD (Original Mix)
6. Dusky - Calling Me (Original Mix)
7. Leftwing & Kody - Deep In (Original Mix)
8. Dusky - Nobody Else (Original Mix)

DJ Gotek - Mission Trance 1/19/13
February 07, 2013 09:42 PM PST
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Brand new! This is a recording of the 80-minute opening set that I played at the Mission Trance show at Whiskey Bar in Portland, OR, on Saturday night, January 19, 2013. This was an amazing night of Trance as we had a special guest DJ join us who is a young and talented rising star in the ranks of Trance DJ/Producers, Nathan Kozlowski, otherwise known as Falcon, and who’s tracks are getting air-time in the sets of some of the biggest DJ’s in the industry, so it was an honor to spin with him, as well as my good DJ buddies and fellow Mission Trance regulars, DJ Zoxy and Tim Clang. A few tracks to call out: I always wanted to kick off a set with this remix of “In All the Wrong Places” by Ulrich Schnauss, absolutely love the unassuming buildup and then the Uber-addictive progressive beats that follow – great track! Insane new tracks by Tritonal, Temple One, Arty, Perpetual, Mat Zo, an incredible Omnia remix of Cosmic Gate’s “Calm Down”, an interesting progressive remix of “Steve McQueen” by M83, but I would say the Jjoo, Sound Quelle, and Audien tracks “One Night in Seoul” vs. “Spring Chord” vs. “Wayfarer” are triple-tied in pole position for my favorite and most uplifting, euphoric tracks on the mix, truly incredible stuff. This set actually turned out to be a lot more high-energy than I intended it to be and it definitely pulls no punches, but it definitely had the crowd jumping up and down towards the end, which is never a bad thing. Hope you enjoy!  -DJ G

DJ GOTEK Presents: MISSION TRANCE w/Falcon - 1/19/13
* Duration: 01:20:40:152
* BPM: Start 128 / End 130
* Quality: 100% digitally recorded as WAV - mastered and converted to 320 Kbps, 48,000 Hz MP3 for download
* Tracklisting:

1. Ulrich Schnauss - In All The Wrong Places (TMs 3D VIP Mix)
2. KhoMha - Magnetik (Sunrise Mix)
3. Jonathan Ulysses feat. Rosie Romero - What The F**k Can I Do (Instrumental Mix)
4. Tritonal - Super8 & Tab - Arc (Original Mix)
5. M83 - Steve McQueen (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix)
6. Mat Zo, Porter Robinson - Easy (Extended Mix)
7. Juventa - Roadtest (Original Mix)
8. Temple One - Aquamarine (Original Mix)
9. Perpetual feat. Sandra Passero - End Of Time (Audien Remix)
10. Audien - Wayfarer (Original Mix)
11. Arty, Matisse Sadko - Trio (Original Mix)
12. W&W - Shotgun (Original Mix)
13. Cosmic Gate feat. Emma Hewitt - Calm Down (Omnia Remix)
14. Jjoo - One Night In Seoul (Original Mix)
15. Sound Quelle - Spring Chord (Original Mix)